(version 2.3 2012-03-01)

Terms of booking and travel

Terms and conditions of travel (supplementary to the terms and conditions of travel of the Association of Swedish Travel Agents and Tour Operators, SRF) of Nordic Travel/Norden Resor i Skåne AB, Hamntorget 2, Box 163, SE-271 24 Ystad, Sweden

The prices on the price list are given in Swedish kronor (SEK) unless otherwise specified. We reserve the right to make changes due to price and exchange rate fluctuations that beyond our control after this date.

  1. The booking is binding as soon as it has been confirmed verbally or in writing by the booking office.
  2. Payment of the confirmed price of the booking will be debited for the booked option using the debit or credit card you specify in the booking.
  3. Voluntary cancellation insurance for the package holiday may be taken out for SEK 200 per booking. The cancellation insurance applies only in the event of cancellation owing to acute illness, accident or death that befalls the traveller or a close relative. It must be possible to verify the above with a medical certificate which we must receive no later than ten (10) days after cancellation.
  4. Cancellation costs (if you have not taken out cancellation insurance or if this insurance does not apply).

    Bookings of hotel rooms, Bed & Breakfast and youth hostel only
    Cancellation must be made not later than 12 noon on the day before arrival. If the cancellation is made later than 12 noon on the day before arrival, or in case of a no show, 100% of the cost of the booking will be charged. If you are prevented from travelling at short notice outside office hours, you may cancel the booking direct by contacting the accommodation venue you have booked, but in this case, you must notify Nordic Travel of this within two workdays.

    Bookings of package holidays, activities, events, tickets and transportation
    More than 15 days before arrival: SEK 0.00.
    15–3 days before arrival: SEK 600.
    2–0 days before arrival: 100% of the total amount (minimum SEK 600)
    NB: The above rules apply to the cancellation of events, tickets and transportation, unless otherwise indicated at the time of booking.

    Bookings of private cottages or apartments
    More than 40 days before arrival: SEK 600.
    Less than 40 days before departure: 90% of the total amount. If the accommodation can be rebooked, a repayment will be made in the amount equivalent to the rebooking price, less the cancellation charge.

    NB: Cancellations made through a call centre must be made during our ordinary office hours.
    Charges for cancellation insurance, amendments, invoicing and cancellation are non-refundable.
  5. If the trip cannot be made on valid grounds according to the Terms and Conditions of Travel of SRF, the total sum of the booking will be refunded, less a cancellation fee of SEK 600, fixed by Nordic Travel. Unused tickets and suchlike must be returned at the earliest opportunity.
  6. The technical organiser is Nordic Travel/Norden Resor i Skåne AB.
  7. SRF’s terms and tonditions of travel apply to all bookings.
  8. Complaints. Any complaints must be presented to the person responsible for the product, such as the manager of the hotel/golf course or his/her agent, as soon as possible. If you are unable to resolve the problem, contact Nordic Travel by tel. +46 411 558725 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +46 411 558725 end_of_the_skype_highlighting or e-mail: info@nordictravel.se. The right to complaint will be forfeited if you do not inform the vendor of the product at the site. If you leave the accommodation venue, the golf course or the event without giving the organiser a reasonable amount of time in which to resolve the problem, you forfeit the right to compensation. Any claim for compensation must be received by Nordic Travel in writing not more than thirty (30) days after the end of the package holiday.
  9. Rebooking costs:In the event of changes to golfing times, events and/or accommodation made via a call centre, SEK 100 will be charged per change.


Important things to know before your cabin holiday

As letting agents we are required to ensure that:

·         You are advised in good time with regard to where keys can be collected. As a rule this information is provided together with the booking confirmation.

·         The house, cabin or apartment tallies with the description. We are not responsible for undertakings that the owner or his/her contact person may have given you directly without our knowledge and about which we were neither aware nor should have been aware (try to get such undertakings in writing to be on the safe side).

·         You are informed about all significant changes that affect your booking.

·         You have access to the house, cabin or apartment from 15.00 on the agreed day of arrival, until 11.00 on the day of departure, unless otherwise confirmed.


What are your rights as a hirer?

·         If we do not make the house, cabin or apartment available in the condition promised or at the right time and we are not able to offer you alternative accommodation that differs so little from what you have booked that it is of no consequence to you, then you have the right to cancel the hiring agreement. We must then reimburse all that you have paid us, with a deduction made for the use you may have had of the house, cabin or apartment. Instead of cancelling the hiring agreement you can ask for the hire fee to be reduced. If you have any complaints these should be brought to the attention of the hosts or responsible supplier as soon as possible, though within 3 days from the day of arrival. Faults which arise during your stay should be reported to the hosts immediately so that they have an opportunity to rectify them.

·         You have the right to arrange for someone else to take your place and we must accept this person unless we have particular grounds for refusing. In such an event you must advise us before the day of taking possession and a rebooking fee of 100 kronor is then payable.


What are your obligations as a hirer?

·         You must take good care of the house, cabin or apartment and observe the rules, directions and regulations that apply. You are yourself responsible for all damage caused to the property or its fixtures & fittings by your carelessness or that of anyone in your party

·         You may not use the house, cabin or apartment for any purpose other than that agreed when making the booking (normally leisure purposes) and you may not allow more people to stay overnight in the house, cabin or apartment or in the grounds, than those stated when making the booking. Bear in mind that children over 2 years are counted as one person. Other persons can be denied access.

·         Consider the next guest! It is of the utmost importance that you leave the house, cabin or apartment in a well cleaned state. Otherwise we shall be obliged to arrange a final cleaning at your expense.

What you are hiring is equipped for self-catering, so you do not need to take sheets, towels or similar items. All properties for hire are inspected by our personnel. Summer accommodation may often differ from your own home. The fixtures & fittings may be somewhat spartan. Crockery and cutlery are not always of a uniform style. The equipment is suited to the number of persons for which the accommodation is intended. The beds may be of the simpler variety. You will be staying in new surroundings with new sounds. During the summer cobwebs, flies and other insects may be found in and around your holiday home. The letting agent cannot be held responsible for this. Bear in mind that many of the letting properties do not allow pets and that smoking is rarely permitted indoors. Even if pets and smoking are forbidden, this does not mean however that the letting property is proof against allergies.